Assigned GP

New legislation states that all patients must have an assigned GP attached to their medical records. This does not mean that patients cannot see the doctor of their choice and can continue to make an afternoon appointment to see a particular GP.  All patients with a  surname beginning with A to L will be allocated to Dr. J.Collyer and patients with a surname beginning with M to Z will be allocated to Dr. T.  Zadeng.  All patients  with a surname beginning with M to Z, previously allocated to Dr Raj,  are now allocated to Dr Zadeng due to Dr Raj leaving our practice.

Attending Reviews

If you suffer a disease that requires repeat medication you will be asked to attend the surgery for a review on an annual basis, more often if better control is needed. It is strongly advised that you attend a review as a deterioration in health can sometimes occur that may not have been noticed by you. Your medication will be reviewed and any problems you may be encountering will be discussed at your appointment.

Please Help the Surgery

We are obliged to invite you to attend for an annual review on three occasions unless we hear from you. To keep the cost of our postage down please respond to our first letter to make an appointment or to inform us that you do not wish to be reviewed.  If you do not wish to be reviewed we will make a note in your medical records and not contact you again until the following year.


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